8 cartoons best describing Delhi – #DilliKiKhilli

Delhi is Delhi. Some large hearted people. Some with deep pockets. Some who claim they have deep pockets. Some who take power to their head. Others who are a ‘somebody’ in their own opinions.

But Delhi is the capital of India, the city i reside in and here’s highlighting some sterotypes in the city.

#DilliKiKhilli ! And this is no exaggeration We actually saw this conversation happen.
The life of a social butterfly! #DilliKiKhilli
This is for everyone who’s sick of hearing Arvind Kejriwal on radio each day! #DilliKiKhilli
Delhi has some rich people! #DilliKiKhilli
Fathers play a special role in the life of Delhi kids. #DilliKiKhilli
If thoughts had hashtags, ‘potty aayi’ would trend every morning.
Everyone lives with tensions tongue emoticon #DilliKiKhilli
Teachers in Delhi kindergarden schools be like ‘Ka… kha…. Ga… abe tu hai kaun… gha…’ #DilliKiKhilli

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