What’s your influencer marketing strategy in 2018?

2018 is here and one thing that’s consistent on my resolutions list is to lose weight. It’s been there for 3years now and its one resolution I haven’t moved an inch on. The only consolation, I know I’m not alone. 🙂

Jan8 2018_Influencer Marketing strategy 2018 pic

So as soon as I started to think how I make it different this year, through the regular scrolls of my timeline, I see Sophie Choudry talking about her Fittox tea brand that’ll help me get slimmer. Her friends, from Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu to Masaba Gupta, seem to agree and hence they’ve posted about it on their social media too. Similarly people are advocating consuming a tea spoon of branded honey in the morning or a particular brand of roasted chips for snacks in the evening. This is influencer marketing in action from Day1 and it’s only going to gain scale this year.


What’s changed?

  1. Organic reach on Facebook has stooped down further.
  2. Twitter is getting full of spam trends.
  3. False/ fake news is spreading like wild fire, so automatically credibility of media outlets gains importance.
  4. Dark media (mainly whatsapp) is permeating across strata’s and is becoming the first mode of communication for many
  5. Mark Zuckerberg himself has made a personal resolution (after resolutions that included wearing ties to running to reading books to learning Mandarin) to remove hate speech of Facebook.
  6. Consumer media is getting more advertorial by the day.
  7. Yet paid media isn’t the most credible.
  8. Owned media requires tons of media money to promote + the credibility question again.

So it’s same-same, but more of all. More smartphone users, more internet users, more information, more fake news, more sharing, more unreliability, more trust issues etc. But just like traffic lights got invented as vehicular traffic increased or seat belts got invented when accidents increased, this will be the year when stringency & guidelines to the usage of influencers will emerge.

How does all this affect your influencer marketing strategy in 2018?

  • Go video first – videos are getting more traction that any form of media, so more needs to be done. Social media platforms too are increasing focus on video, so that’s an opportunity worth leveraging.
  • Be Instagram heavy – 2018, Instagram goes main stream for sure. It’s the most mass, visual and engaged platform for now. Like none-else, it’s a platform most suited for influencer engagement. As for Snapchat, it’ll be the Instagram of 2016, in 2018; I mean it’s going to start getting used more.
  • Reaching all influencer strata’s – Broadly, if you classify influencers in mega, macro and micro, this will be the year to approach, engage and the rise of all. Each come with their own merits and demerits, and it’s time all of them are used together.
  • Content creativity talks – the more creative of content, the better will be the audience reaction. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of hiring an agency to make a video for an influencer that’ll take time, money, effort and NO guarantee of output; rather, be agile and get creative with online tools that make the content real and in-the-moment.
  • Authenticity/ credibility – this is the bottom line! Be it in the choice of influencer, matched with the category &/or the brand, frequency of engagement with the brand or its competition and the organic nature of promoting a brand by wrapping it a meaningful & engaging message.

How’s your strategy going to change this year?


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